Magicopper Films (Adhesive Type)

Magicopper Films (Adhesive Type)

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Kills 99.99% of pathogenic germs


Magicopper antimicrobial copper film inhibits the growth and spread of pathogenic germs. It is coated with nano particles of antimicrobial copper that helps in forming radicals which inactivate bacteria and then completely destroys the bacterial DNA. 

Turn any surface into a safe surface! 


    Magicopper Adhesive Films come in the form of a 40cm by 10-meter roll. Most applicable on frequently/high-touched surfaces to reduce risk of indirect tranmission significantly. Common applications include door handles, light switches, phones, faucets, elevators buttons, ATM touchscreens, push carts, table tops and much more.

    Easy application in just 3 steps: 
    1) Measure
    2) Cut 
    3) Attach

    Tip: Wipe off surface from any dust particles before attaching for best results. 


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