Magicopper Premium Mask Set (Adult Size)

Magicopper Premium Mask Set (Adult Size)

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  • Permanent Antimicrobial Effect!

  • Mutual perfect blocking of infectious droplets! 

  • Washable & Reusable!

  • Eco-friendly ( 100% Recyclable!) 

  • Smooth and Uninterrupted Breathing! (Excellent Ventilation) 


    Magicopper Masks utilize antimicrobial nano-copper technology to inhibit the growth and spread of pathogenic bacteria and viruses that may have come into contact with your mask.

    A Premium Mask Set (Adult) includes: 

    1 Premium Magicopper Mask
    1 Magicopper Pouch (Foldable Type)
    1 A-Skin Antimicrobial Cooling Layer (opened)
    1 A-Skin Antimicrobial Cooling Layer (closed) 
    1 Necklace
    1 Antimicrobial Inner Copper Sheet 


    Colors available:

    1) White

    2) Sky Blue

    3) Mint

    4) Lime

    5) Pink


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