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  • Permanent Antimicrobial Effect!

  • Mutual perfect blocking of infectious droplets! 

  • Washable & Reusable!

  • Eco-friendly ( 100% Recyclable!

  • Smooth and Uninterrupted Breathing! (Excellent Ventilation) 

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Tested by.png
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Magicopper Copper Masks utilizes the same antimicrobial nano-copper technology to inhibits the growth and spread of pathogens  that may have come into contact with your mask.

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  •                                Antimicrobial Layer 

  • Self-deodorizing, Antimicrobial Mesh Fabric Layer 

  • UV - Protection

  • Quick Drying 

  •                      Cool Tech Fabric

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Premium Set Also Includes:

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Antimicrobial copper pouch.png
A-skin branded (open).png
Askin closed.png
Copper sheet mask.png
Soft mask.png

 1 pack includes copper outer mask + 1 washable and reusable non-woven fabric insert for extra protection

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