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How can I order Magicopper products? 

Magicopper products are available for direct purchase in Malaysia & Singapore through Shopee & Lazada. 
For larger order size direct purchasing Magicopper is available on Dropee. 
Alternatively, you can fill up the contact form on our website and our sales representative will reach out to you.

How long do the antimicrobial properties of Magicopper last? Is there any precaution?

Magicopper’s antimicrobial properties do not change in time, as the nano-copper is not coated but embedded throughout the material.
However, as for the adhesive type, the adhesive layer might wear out depending on the amount of usage (excessive touching might require more often replacement). 

Magicopper is safe to use with or on any non-toxic material, and it is perfectly safe to touch. Tested for Human food-grade safety. 

How fast does Magicopper work?

Magicopper  is effective in eliminating both viruses and bacteria, making your surface continuously self disinfecting. Lab tests have shown that Magicopper products kill 99.99% o transmittable pathogens, decreasing the likelihood of transmission through touch.

Does the film require cleaning after each use? How can I clean it?

No, Magicopper film does not require additional cleaning after each use because of its always constantly disinfecting properties. You can wipe it clean using regular water, alcohol, or any antiseptic product.

Can Magicopper be applied on electronic devices and touchscreens?

Yes, Magicopper film does not hinder sensitivity on touchscreens, and can also be applied to any high touch area of the electronic device such as but not limited to; POS systems, ATM machine, Printer buttons, Hospital call buttons...etc

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